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~ 05/04/09

Ever wondered how to find the correct bra size?

From what I’ve been told finding a good fitting bra is very hard.  The first step in finding a good fitting bra is to know your actual bra size.  To figure that out you’ll need a tape measure, not that contractor type but the tailor type. You are going to have to wrap it around you.

There are two parts to a bra size:  the band dimension and the cup size.  We normally see this in the form 36B or 34C, etc.  

The really odd thing about measuring bra size is that you must first be wearing a bra.  That seams counter-intuitive but it will help get the correct size.  It’s best not to wear a padded bra as this will distort the appropriate measurements. 

Step 1:

measure the around your chest just below your breasts.  If the number is even add 4, if the number is odd add 5.  

Step 2:  

measure around your boobs.

Step 3:

Subtract your boob measurement from the band measurement.  The difference in inches is your cup size.  You can then look up this chart to get your cup size.

  • -1 – AA
  • 0 – A
  • 1 – B
  • 2 – C
  • 3 – D
  • 4 – DD  (not sure why we get a double letter here)
  • 5 – E
  • 6 – F

Find Your Bra Size Video

Underwear: How To Measure Your Bra Size

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~ 06/10/08

Have you ever wondered what the letters stood for in bra sizes? Here’s some wisdom passed on to me this weekend.

  • A = almost boobs
  • B = barely boobs
  • C = Can’t complain
  • D = Dang!
  • DD = Double Dang!
  • E = enormous
  • G = Gigantic
  • H = Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
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