Do women use "the patch" to get what they want?

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~ 22/05/12

I saw this and couldn’t resist posting it.

Museum of Sex, New York

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~ 21/01/11

I’ve been running  a little poll on this site and it would appear that a full Brazilian is what women want.

What is the right size?

  • Brazilian (None) (43%, 57 Votes)
  • Landing Strip (23%, 31 Votes)
  • 1970's style (18%, 24 Votes)
  • Trimmed to bikini line (15%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 132

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~ 26/05/09

Here is a condom commercial that illustrates the power of that little patch of fur. The big head is clearly disengaged. Once the little head learns what is happening it engages the big head.

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~ 05/04/09

Ever wondered how to find the correct bra size?

From what I’ve been told finding a good fitting bra is very hard.  The first step in finding a good fitting bra is to know your actual bra size.  To figure that out you’ll need a tape measure, not that contractor type but the tailor type. You are going to have to wrap it around you.

There are two parts to a bra size:  the band dimension and the cup size.  We normally see this in the form 36B or 34C, etc.  

The really odd thing about measuring bra size is that you must first be wearing a bra.  That seams counter-intuitive but it will help get the correct size.  It’s best not to wear a padded bra as this will distort the appropriate measurements. 

Step 1:

measure the around your chest just below your breasts.  If the number is even add 4, if the number is odd add 5.  

Step 2:  

measure around your boobs.

Step 3:

Subtract your boob measurement from the band measurement.  The difference in inches is your cup size.  You can then look up this chart to get your cup size.

  • -1 – AA
  • 0 – A
  • 1 – B
  • 2 – C
  • 3 – D
  • 4 – DD  (not sure why we get a double letter here)
  • 5 – E
  • 6 – F

Find Your Bra Size Video

Underwear: How To Measure Your Bra Size

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~ 21/03/09

When the brain decodes a puzzle, even a simple one, there’s a little reward. Marketers have sometimes used this to good effect. Watch this commercial from Schick for its Quattro TrimStyle for Women razor:

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~ 04/03/09

Ever wondered what it’s like to get a Brazilian? Have a look at the facial expressions in this video and decide for yourself whether it’s worth it.

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~ 27/02/09

For a while now I’ve wondered if a woman’s desire to wear an anklet in any way indicates her desire for sex.  I’ve come upon this idea based on a number of factors such as women I’ve known and pictures I’ve seen.  What do you think?  Use the poll to tell me what you think.


What do anklets indicate?

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~ 25/01/09

A Brazilian bikini wax removes the hair from the entire pubic region, with the possible exception of a small patch just above the vaginal area. Many women request a Brazilian because it gives a clean, close wax and the freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie.

The practice originated in Brazil where women first began wearing very revealing swimsuits such as thongs. And if that’s what you want to wear on the beach, you already have a good reason for getting this type of bikini wax. Another is avoiding the hassle and side effects of frequent shaving, such as razor-burn and itching. A Brazilian waxing will give you a smooth appearance for four to six weeks whereas shaving usually needs to be repeated every few days for a similar result.

For women one of the most difficult part of about getting a Brazilian wax is the fact that they are naked from the waist down with what could be a complete stranger.   A traditional Brazilian includes the labia and the area that reaches into the buttocks. If there are stray hairs after waxing, the technician may also tweeze the area. The key to allowing wax to penetrate into the follicles (and provide the closest possible wax) is to relax. And many women claim the treatment is not nearly as painful as it sounds.

As for whether guys women to have a Brazilian wax or not that is a question of personal taste.  Some men claim it either gives the woman a youthful appearance, perhaps too youthful an appearance or that it makes the performance of oral sex more pleasurable.  Clinically there does not appear to be any reason to have or not have a Brazilian waxing.  

What do you think?  Hair or no hair?  Landing strip or not? Leave some comments and let us know.

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~ 06/10/08

Have you ever wondered what the letters stood for in bra sizes? Here’s some wisdom passed on to me this weekend.

  • A = almost boobs
  • B = barely boobs
  • C = Can’t complain
  • D = Dang!
  • DD = Double Dang!
  • E = enormous
  • G = Gigantic
  • H = Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
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~ 20/09/08

Do you agree with me that a certain patch of fur rules the world? I’m interested in hearing from you the reader about your own stories of how this patch of fur rules the world. Is it because men can’t get enough and will do anything to get some? Is it because women understand men’s drive and use their ability to deliver on the goods as a way to get what they want? You tell me. leave comments telling me what you think.

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